I found this jacket at a flea market and it was a must buy. Obviously made in the 90s with the tiger striped colour blocks and the use of purple, aqua and what I’m going call “teal”. Yet again, another appearance from the pink beanie. As I look back, I remember why it was always on. It’s fuckin cold in December! The lack of appropriate outer wear made me susceptible to all sorts of cold. I remember hearing that, “heat leaves your body through your head”, so I figured that if I keep my head warm, the rest of me will be warm too.

It’s not a lie, but it’s also not true. We’ll call it a partial truth and leave it there.

This look was put together solely to show off the jacket (although those Air Maxes are straight fire). With New Orleans being a city of great history, I thought it would be a cool look to pull off while there. I paired the jacket with a pair of blue jeans and I rolled them up mid-calf for no reason other than the fact that my socks were pretty ill that day. Underneath was thin hooded long sleeve that was more activewear than streetwear but it worked for this look.




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